Add An Adjustable Base to Your Existing Mattress


If you’ve been considering an adjustable base for your bed, but don’t want to purchase a new mattress as well, you may be in luck. Adjustable bases can be added to many types of mattresses, especially if the mattress was manufactured in the last five years. The ideal mattress for an adjustable base can bend and flex while maintaining its structural integrity. Usually memory foam, latex foam, traditional innerspring, and air beds fit the bill. Foam mattresses are the best type of mattress for an adjustable base due to their flexibility. Whether you choose memory foam or latex foam is up to your personal comfort preference. Innerspring and air beds can be used on adjustable bases but have a few issues.


Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are best at relieving pressure and pain, and they absorb the effects of movement during sleep. Weight is spread evenly across the surface of memory foam mattresses, and they contour to the shape of your body. The lack of rigid structure to memory foam mattresses make them flex and bend easily on adjustable bases.


Latex Mattresses

Latex foam mattresses are also made of all-foam but have a different feel. Shoppers say latex mattresses are more “buoyant” than memory foam mattress. There are natural and synthetic latex foam mattresses. For latex mattresses, the thinner the mattress, the easier they can flex and will be a great match for an adjustable base.


Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most traditional type of mattress and what most sleepers are used to. Older mattresses used metal coils for the “spring”, but today the coils are made from a variety of materials. Standard spring mattresses are not ideal for adjustable bases as they don’t flex easily and can create pressure points. Newer innerspring mattresses that have coils made from more flexible material can be used on an adjustable base, but they may need to be replaced more frequently than a memory foam mattress that is used with an adjustable base. Check with your mattress manufacturer or contact one of our sleep experts to double check if your innerspring mattress would be helped or hindered by an adjustable base.


Air Bed Mattresses

Air bed mattresses that have adjustable pressure systems are becoming more popular, and usually can be used on an adjustable base. However, the bending of an adjustable base can restrict the airflow in certain air bed mattresses, which can cause the mattress to be too rigid to flex with ease. If you like your air bed on a firmer setting, and adjustable base may not be the best option for your sleep.



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