Meet the Tempur-Pedic Simplicity!

Meet the new Tempur-Simplicity Collection: “The proven quality, long-lasting comfort, and contouring support only Tempur-Pedic® can deliver at a surprisingly affordable price”.

There’s no doubt that Tempur-Pedic foam mattresses are the most highly recommended beds in America, and now they’ve introduced a product that makes owning one much easier.

Introducing the Tempur-Simplicity, a mattress with “all the benefits you need and nothing more”. Prior to the Simplicity, consumers would need to shell out at least $2,000 to own a Tempur-Pedic. With this new addition “mainstream, non-premium consumers [can] enter the Tempur-Pedic brand at a more comfortable price point”, at $1500 for a queen set. Research indicates that 39% of customers that set their budget at $1000 would actually pay the $500 more to own a Tempur-Pedic, and over half of all potential buyers in a 2010 survey listed price as the primary objection to why they bought something else.

Memory Foam products, and Tempur-Pedics specifically, are attracting the kind of attention that the mattress industry has never seen before. The way that this material contours and supports the body has been life changing for millions of individuals all over the world. In fact, Tempur owners are so pleased, and brand loyal that they share their positive experiences with 13 friends, family, or acquaintances.

The new Tempur-Simplicity is being offered in 3 different feels-soft, medium, and firm-all at the same price of $1500/queen set with choice of 5″or 9″ flat foundation. There is also the option to upgrade to a Ergo lifestyle base for $2500/queen set. All 3 models are 8″ thick, and are made of 2-2.75″ inches of TEMPUR-Essential material (model dependent) on top of 5.25-6″ inches of SimplicitySupport base foam. They carry a full 10-year warranty and are wrapped in a 100% polyester Micro-Denier knit cover, which is both hypoallergenic and washable.

It is important to note that the Simplicity Collection beds are not made from the traditional Tempur foam, but are made from an entirely new foam, called TEMPUR-Essential, that “only offers the essential comfort and support benefits of Tempur and has its own unique feel and properties that are distinctive from [the] other proprietary formulations.

We’re so excited that so many more people will be able to enjoy Tempur-Pedic mattresses! Keep your eyes peeled for their new national ad campaign, too!