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At Sleep Outfitters Mattress Gallery, we believe that a healthy life is connected to a great night’s rest. Our team of experts is working hard to bring you the best mattresses, pillows and sheets, at prices you can afford.


We have a single focus: helping people sleep better. And we’ve created an entire line of products dedicated to that goal. We’re currently the most highly recommended bed in America(tm). But we’re just getting started. We want to change the way the world sleeps.

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Comfort. Support. Value. It’s what people have come to expect from Sealy for over 130 years. Every Sealy mattress is made in America to meet the highest standards.

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Sealy Optimum

Optimum Mattresses feature OptiCool gel memory foam designed to promote a temperature range that provides deep, relaxing sleep.

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The design of Octasprings® layered inside Octaspring mattresses is 3 dimensional in both shape and function. Unlike conventional metal springs that provide good support but push up against the body causing pressure points, Octasprings® are made from technologically-advanced foam which adjust and move with the body. And, whereas a memory foam layer cradles the body for comfort but can be hot and humid, the revolutionary Octaspring® honeycomb construction actively exchanges the air inside the mattress to keep it ventilated and comfortable. The best qualities of memory and springs, without the drawbacks of either, and a great leap forward in night-time comfort.

The patented Octasprings® work independently and collectively, for optimum muscle relaxation and agile vertebra alignment. Each mattress model: 9500, 8500, 8000, 6500, 5000, provides different levels of firmness and layers of support, dynamically conforming to the contours and movements of the body in all sleeping positions.

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Introducing uDream: the newest line of bedding in the mattress industry… and can only be found at iMS stores. It was designed by our owner, Kim Knopf after 30 years of listening to what was most important to her customers, considering quality, experience, R&D, and innovative ways of thinking.

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Stearns & Foster

At Stearns and Foster, we always dream of improving what we make. For us, a dream is the heart of innovation. And every innovation, is a reason to dream again.

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