Mattress Technology

Technological innovation is the future of the mattress industry.  Learn more about the latest mattress technology from top mattress brands including Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Octaspring, and Sleep Outfitter’s own uDream brand.  Find out about special mattress materials and current trends.

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Mattress Technology from Top Mattress Brands

Sealy Mattresses

Sealy mattresses have a distinct heritage dating all the way back to 1881, when a cotton gin builder requested a mattress filled with cotton. Eventually he created a machine that compressed cotton, later selling his patents to a company that retained the Sealy name.

Find out about Sealy Mattresses

Sealy Optimum

Sealy Optimum mattresses provide you with exceptional temperature control, support, and comfort.  As one of the most exciting collections from the Sealy brand, Sealy Optimum mattresses are transforming the way sleepers feel every night.

Learn more about the Sealy Optimum

Sealy Posturepedic

For more than six decades, Sealy Posturepedic has been an American classic, supporting sleepers and providing maximum comfort.  This popular mattress is available in three primary series – the Classic, Gel, and Hybrid.

Learn more about Sealy Posturepedic and Hybrid Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic’s have a primary goal: to help people sleep better. And in order to do this, they created a unique line of products.  Tempur-Pedic design’s every Tempur-Pedic mattress to provide your best night’s sleep.

Find out more about Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Stearns & Foster Mattresses

Recognized as the first luxury mattress brand in the United States, Stearns and Foster distinguishes itself with quality materials, innovation, and fine craftsmanship. For nearly 165 years, Stearns and Foster has taken great pride in constructing high quality mattresses that provide elegant support and comfort for many years. Learn more about Stearns & Foster Mattresses

GS Stearns

Known for creating premium luxury mattresses, Stearns and Foster sets out to represent their heritage, innovation, and technology with a one-of-a-kind mattress collection – GS Stearns. With a classic timeless appeal, this modern line merges a contemporary finish with premium craftsmanship and materials. Read more about the GS Stearns Mattress Collection

Octaspring Mattresses

Clearly a leading company in the mattress industry, UK-based Dormeo Octaspring is recognized for mattress innovation.  It all centers on the unique memory foam spring, which allows for the right combination of comfort and support for the perfect sleep.

Find out more about Octaspring

uDream Mattress Collection

When it comes to finding a great mattress, Sleep Outfitters is a name you should know! As part of the Innovative Mattress Solutions (IMS) family, which operates over 150 mattress stores in six states, Sleep Outfitters was founded in 1983 by Kimberly Brown Knopf. Still leading the company today, Ms. Knopf put her decades of experience in the bedding industry to good work by creating her own uDream mattress collection. Learn more about the uDream Mattress Collection

Special Innovations in Mattresses

Are you sleeping on a cool mattress? From cooling mattress technology to the technology that is simply “cool” – there is a lot that’s going on in the cutting-edge world of bedding. Once you sleep in a bed that has an adjustable base, you’ll instantly know the difference! Find out more about Special Innovations in Mattresses

Special Mattress Materials

While sheets and pillows are often linked to luxury, these same materials can have the same effect on a mattress. Luxury bedding materials like cashmere, silk, and wool can add to the feel, comfort, and life of your mattress. Many beds typically use foams, cotton fibers, and other fabrics in the mattress. Interested in the insulation of cashmere, the feel of silk, and the breathability of wool for your next mattress? Read more about Luxury Bedding Materials

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