Get Paid to Sleep? NASA Offering $18k for 70 Days

Get Paid to Sleep by NASAIf you have ever dreamed that you’ll get paid to sleep, things may be turning around for you.  NASA is offering an impressive $18,000 for just 70 days of “work.”

It might not get better than that!

The Details: Get Paid to Sleep in the Name of Science

According to reports, NASA is undertaking the study in order to examine the effects of microgravity on the body.  It includes a full 10 weeks where you would lie in a tilted bed, which is believed to reproduce the fluid redistribution observed in microgravity.

The objective behind it is to allow NASA to see how an astronaut’s body would change in weightlessness.  Tests will look at the subjects’ nervous systems, as well as their heart, bones, and muscles during the time

What will the subjects do aside from the periodic tests and optional exercise?  They will be free to basically do as they please – in bed – including remote work, chatting with friends and family, and spending time on social media.

It also includes a “normal” period, where subjects who exercise will have 21 days to move around before staying in bed.  Those who aren’t exercising will have just 13 days prior to their long bed stay.

Is There a Catch?

Sound too good to be true?  Perhaps it is.

NASA clearly points out that they want people in good shape.  Prospects will take a modified Air Force Class Three physical, which is normally required for those wanting to fly in the Air Force for non-rated duties in ASC 9D, 9E, and 9W.

Also, there is a psychological screening that includes tests and 90 minutes with a psychiatrist, as not everyone is prepared to spend 70 days in bed.  These tests discover whether subjects can handle the physical and emotional requirements involved.

You should also have the “physical and psychological characteristics of an astronaut,” able to “do the kind of activities that astronauts do,” according to a senior scientist in the study.

Repaying Your Sleep Debt

You can apply to NASA to be considered for the sleep study.  If you are selected, you could be heading to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to join in the high-priced, bed-happy study.

If you think you can handle it – perhaps it’s the job for you!

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