Best Beds Review – Hybrids

A new category of mattresses is emerging, and they’re really worthy of some serious raving. They’re called hybrids, which are a combination of a pocketed coil innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress. With hybrids, you truly get the best of both worlds with a perfect blend of contouring comfort and support.

Typically, hybrid mattresses feature a full 8 inch coil system, but differ from traditional innersprings in that they have ample memory foam layers; some boasting 3 or more inches of full memory foam sheets. There are positives from multitudes of angles about this construction and how it benefits consumers. First, the springs help give a hybrid mattress more ‘bounciness’ and a greater, more traditional looking profile than an all memory foam option. The coils give more contouring support than a lower end memory foam bed with a polyurethane core.

The thick memory foam layer relieves far more pressure than typical foams, and hold up much better, resulting in longer warranties (some up to 20 years) as well as a huge reduction in body impressions. These benefits come from the memory foam layer being so much denser than normal foam. Also, traditional innerspring mattresses usually use many different foams in varying thicknesses on top of each other to give different “feels”. Sometimes, this construction has a tendency to shift, which can cause lumpiness or inconsistencies in the mattress. Since hybrids offer 1 or 2 very thick layers of memory foam, the likelihood of these issues decreases significantly.

Another huge perk of the hybrid is that it’s adjustable base compatible. Since the coils are pocketed and function independent of one another, their is no risk of compromising the coil system by putting it on an adjustable base. Note that hybrids are fairly thick, and might not accommodate sheets that have not been purchased recently. If in question, be sure to look for ‘deep pocketed’ sheets that will fit a mattress of at least 15″.

Hybrids are just fresh. They offer a new approach to solving common complaints of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses in a way that makes sense. They’re new and improved products that have taken the technology available and the learnings acquired through extensive industry research, and added in comfort and value that just can’t be matched. If you’re shopping for a new mattress, be sure and don’t miss the opportunity to check out this up and coming member of the mattress family! You won’t regret it!